Success is measured by all of the times we’ve moved forward after a bad moment. What has helped us move forward through adverse situations? You already know? Right! Other entrepreneurs! They’ve become our friends, who traveled the same path you are on right now, perhaps a couple of months, or even years ago.

Radical collaboration moves them, and motivates them without expecting anything in return. 8 years ago, this was all a dream, and just one location with a single co-worker. Today we are more than 3000 collaborators in more than 21 locations across 3 countries in Latin America. We are expanding radical collaboration.



The amount of spaces we have, our presence in three countries or the number of members that are part of our big family, are only partly synonymous with all our success. What really makes us successful is the contribution and momentum we give to all our members to achieve their goals. Increasing the probability of success of your venture or taking your company to the next level is our goal. We are convinced that collaboration is a very important vehicle that drives us and grows us as a region.

Today in Co-Work LatAm, we see how  companies have grown and consolidated; also already-established companies that want to become part of this network and discover the benefits of a space like our Co-Work offices.



Would I spend all day here? That is the question we ask ourselves when we design our spaces. Your office should be as welcoming as your home, it should be a place that generates pride when you invite a client, and when you show the new member of your team their place of work. Collaborative economies are useful because they allow us to access products and services all in one place. At Co-Work LatAm we encourage collaboration and complicity among our coworkers to develop new business ideas and power to create networks among all.



We also started as entrepreneurs, and we understand the importance of making investments. Entrepreneurship takes time and develops in an environment of constant change, where new things happen fast, every day. Therefore, Co-Work is a space and a service that suits you, whether you only go half a day to the office or the whole day, we make your costs more flexible and optimize your budget. In addition, we offer a variety of services included to focus on what really generates value. Worry about your business and leave the rest to us.

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